R. Buckminster Fuller

R. Buckminster Fuller Lecture    Lake Morey, Vermont USA    July 1980

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Foerd's grandfather and Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller

Note: Foerd's grandfather and Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller (Google Buckminster Fuller) were childhood playmates, classmates through Milton, Massachusetts, USA secondary school (and briefly college), sailors, and cooperated during wars. The lifelong friends enjoyed reuniting their analytical minds. Foerd worked in an architecture firm while attending the same school. He started an architecture course, active since 1975, and taught drafting to fellow students. Buckminster Fuller's enduring school loyalty included campus visits, during stays with a mutual family friend, and a very special brunch was hosted for we three. After inquiring about family and the architecture program, Bucky spoke a wide range of intriguing topics that quickly loaded a young brain.

In the time of OWEC® invention during college, 1978, Foerd and friends attended an intensive "Bucky Seminar" at which he extemporaneously exuded ten hours over three evenings. A few days later, as stated in the "About Us" section, one of these friends succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning that also nearly claimed Foerd. Returning to school, a special study program was to map potential world wave energy extraction sites.

While the Dymaxion Map conforms to OWEC® tetrahedral geometries, some advantage was perceived in rotating its icosahedral edges. Bucky's sensible reply affirmed the practicality of aligning OWEC® grids. Curiosity persisted, to three years later lull, after tank testing OWEC® electrical generating modules. Thin paper strips were loosely fitted to form edge elements of a spherical icosahedron around an Earth globe. Indeed, inferior alignment was revealed with all angle deviation from Dymaxion Map specification.

In addition to the letter, Bucky sent information about his floating breakwater patent. Foerd regrets failure to reply because the mapping project remained incomplete during Dr. Fuller's life. Buckminster Fuller provided clear foresight to the integrated nature of current dilemmas and optimism that humanity may solve critical problems "just-in-time" for balancing living standards.